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Word Count Tool counts the number of words and characters in a text without any extra clicks. Counting words and counting characters of an online text with Word Count Tool is very simple, you just have to type the text you want to analyze in the box below and automatically the word counter will begin to count your words and characters as you go writing. You can also copy and paste blocks of text from an already written document

Counting Words is an automatic online characters and words counter tool, a very useful tool to control the limit of characters of your tweets on Twitter by automatically counting the letters of the text (limit is 140 characters), SMS, Google Ads (25 characters for the title and 70 for the ad body). Or to count the number of words in a story, a summary, etc. You can also use it with an online english checker to write your texts without misspellings and the size you are asked.

Widget for your blog / website
Shows the number of words and characters in a text to your users. Just copy and paste this code into your website, and instead of TEXT_A_CONTAR enter the text:

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